About Eko-rezerv

Eko-rezerv provides innovative systems and machinery for processing (by-)products of animal, fish, plant and insect  origin into high-quality feed ingredients, with a purpose to derive maximum nutritional value in a resource-efficient way with minimum process pollution.

Our unique know-how is a result of extensive research, development and experiments that have been undertaken since the year 2000.

Our proprietory DCE drying-cooling equipment with in-built milling excludes product denaturation. This is of critical importance for the quality of heat-sensitive feed ingredients, and means that nutritional value of the product after drying remains at the same level as before.

We uniquely offer small autonomous DCE dryer systems, with 20-60 l/h evaporative capacity, for experimental undertakings seeking to identify new alternative sources of protein for feed. It requires no installation, operates on electricity only, and is ready for use immediately upon delivery.

We also provide innovative turnkey systems and machinery for processing poultry feathers and fish (filleting) by-products into high-quality feed ingredients. Our feather system produces protein-rich meal with >85% digestibility and <3% fat, which makes a viable and sustainable alternative to fish meal and soybean meal for the production of aqua feed.
Focus on process pollution prevention, optimal processing regime and exclusion of product denaturation at every stage of the process is at the core of our approach.

Eko-rezerv - Gold Partner of CIRCULAR AGRIFOOD SUMMIT, 26 November 2020


AQUAFARM 2020 – Eko-rezerv in Pordenone, Italy

Eko-rezerv presented our machinery and systems at the international trade show and conference AQUAFARM 2020 in Pordenone, Italy, on 19-20 February.
AQUAFARM is a flagship event dedicated to the technologies, products and best practices of sustainable production of fish in the Mediterranean basin.




Valeria Cheshko Radosavljevic
Business Development and Sales Director
E-mail: valeria.cheshko@eko-rezerv.eu

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